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Fissure Sealer (Tooth Vaccination)

Fissure sealant provides closure of the recesses in the molars called “fissures”. Fissure sealant prevents bacteria and nutrients from reaching and adhering to the deep and narrow fissures on the chewing surfaces of molar teeth, which are the most prone to caries.

Dental caries usually begins in the pits and mounds on the chewing surfaces of primary and permanent molars. These areas, called pits and fissures, are very narrow and bruises begin due to the inability to clean the food. Deep pits are closed with a fluid filling material called fissure sealant in order to prevent caries that may occur as a result of food and microorganism accumulation in these areas.

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Fissure Sealer (Tooth Vaccination)

The purpose of the fissure sealant application; It is to prevent the accumulation of nutrients in the recesses and grooves of the molars that are suitable for caries, to make these surfaces easier to brush and to minimize the risk of caries.
It is applied only to the chewing surfaces of the molars by the pediatric dentist.
Fissure sealants may break under chewing pressures over time, and some may fall. In this case, it is the responsibility of pedodontists (pediatric dentists) to renew it.
No. It is done once on a molar. If there are minor losses over time, routine controls can be completed.
No, it has no harm or side effects.
Since fissure sealants fill only the anatomical grooves and occupy a very millimetric place on the surface, a height is not felt.
Both are preventative practices that complement each other and help us protect ourselves from caries from different aspects. Therefore, we cannot say that one is more important than the other.
Yup. Preventing the formation of caries by covering the fissures, which we see as caries risk areas, is important in terms of not leaving dental health to chance.
Fissure sealants can be applied immediately after tooth eruption is complete. The eruption of milk teeth is around 3 years old. Fissure sealant applications can be started after 3 years of age. Fissure sealants in milk molars continue their protection until the milk teeth fall out.
This process, which is about oral and dental health, is done to prevent the formation of caries. This method, which is thought to be mostly applied to children, can be applied for teeth that do not have decay in adults, but are prone to decay.
Fissure sealing process, especially applied to molar teeth in children, is done to prevent the accumulation of nutrients in the recesses and grooves that can cause caries. In this way, the teeth are brushed and cleaned more easily. The risk of reoccurring cavities is also reduced to a minimum.
Last Update : 12/08/2022