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According to a legend, Queen Cleopatra, begins to lose her beauty and looks for remedies. She orders her soldiers to find the water that is beneficial to her beauty and bring it. Soldiers scatter around the world and Pamukkale's precious Ancient Pool is one of the places the soldiers visit. Soldiers take samples from the pool's water and take it to Cleopatra to try.

Cleopatra rubs the water on her face and sees that her wrinkles begin to disappear. She immediately comes to this pool and dives into its warm waters. She soon regains her beauty. After that day, the ancient pool starts to be called the Cleopatra Pool.

The ancient pool located within Pamukkale city walls has a relaxing effect due to its water temperature and is also effective in the treatment of many diseases. According to research about the pool, its water offers benefits for heart diseases, atherosclerosis, blood pressure problems, rheumatoid diseases, skin, eyes, rickets, stroke and nervous and vascular diseases when applied externally and for stomach spasms when ingested. This may be the reason why health centers are always present around the ancient pool since the Roman period.

Son Güncelleme : 05/03/2021